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WHERE to shop for your personal brand photo shoot | Aberdeen Branding Photographer

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

How do you feel about planning what to wear for your branding shoot?

Disclaimer first: I am no stylist, BUT I do love clothes.

I love all the colors, the shapes, the movement of fabric, the magic of how an item of wardrobe can make you feel so elegant or so rogue…

The number one question I hear from my clients is what to wear for their shoot, for, despite having a wardrobe full of beautiful clothing, it can be so tricky to pick out THE PERFECT outfit to represent your personal brand, the brand of YOU.

Today I am not going to talk about how to choose the clothes that you wear for your session (that’s another day’s blog post), but rather WHERE to even start looking in the first place.

Here are my top 3 go to places (and some tips on making the most of them) for finding an outfit for a shoot:


Vinted – I have been a huge fan of eBay for YEARS, taking pleasure in digging out some amazing rare gems for fraction of the original price, but I must admit, the ease of shopping (and selling!) on Vinted has by far surpassed my loyalty to eBay and now this is the platform I turn to for pre-loved or simply unwanted wardrobe pieces. The trick here is to stick to brands you know and trust – I only buy things I am VERY certain will fit, as I hate buying something that I then need to worry about getting rid of. Do not impulse buy… sometimes seeing a bargain price can make it so tempting to just click that Buy it Now button, but be sure to ask yourself: do I REALLY want this? Do I need this? Do I maybe have something VERY similar in my wardrobe already?.. Use the ‘favorite’ button to keep something in mind and come back to it later – I have hundreds of items in my ‘Favorites’ list, which I often comb through and ‘unfavourite’. I also notice, some sellers go off the platform, so items become unavailable or get sold – it’s the risk of not buying right away, but unless something is an undisputable must have, it’s a risk worth taking.

Don’t be afraid to make an offer, I find that 8/10 times, sellers are happy to accept or counter with an offer of their own that still has a saving off the original price. The option is there, so why not take it? When shopping for an event (thinking your brand shoot ;)), have a vision in your mind and keep referring to ensure you are still working towards that goal.

LK Borrowed – I recently stumbled across this amazing rental service from the fashion giant LK Bennett, where for a monthly fee, you can rent 2 items of clothing at a time (unlimited in a month, you just need to get a grasp on returns and deliveries). I’ve trialled it this month and really enjoyed having new outfits that I could try on, wear out and return (my wardrobe and husband are every thankful for the return part of it!). You aren’t tied into an annual subscription and could give it a try and use on and off, during the busier months, when you could do with a little wardrobe refresh, but don’t necessarily want to commit.

Intrigued? You can get £15 off your first month using my referral link and I will get £15 off mine  as a thanks from There are also various rental services, such as HURR and By Rotation that allow you to hire a statement wardrobe piece but without a statement price ticket.

(My favorite!)Your own wardrobe.

That’s right, girl, your own wardrobe likely already has everything you need for your shoot.

The reason I usually recommend planning a session no sooner than 3 weeks is because this gives you time to plan what you’re wearing. Then sleep on it, change your mind completely, go back to the original plan, swap out a couple of things, add a necklace and a shawl – et voila - arrive at your perfect outfit selection for your photo shoot!

Having had a number of photo sessions over the past few years (family and business alike), I can only think of one dress that I bought specifically for the shoot – that’s it. Everything else was sitting on the shelves, patiently waiting for the right moment to shine.

Pulling an outfit together is all about careful consideration and coordination.

Taking the time to consider the combination of items of clothing, how it plays against the backdrop, ensuring everything fits well, flatters you and speaks your brand language truly pays off.

So here’s my biggest advice for you: before reaching for your credit card, have a good dig in your wardrobe.

Need another eye to look over your selection? I’d be delighted to help you with this by looking over your selections, suggesting any changes – or giving firm thumbs up! I offer this to all my clients and, having gone through planning a brand photo shoot for myself, I know just the feeling of trying to narrow down the choices and making sure each of the outfits has just the right look and message for my brand!

Did you find this post useful? Is your favorite place to shop on my list? If not, I’d love to hear where your personal golden mine for fabulous outfits is.


Now that we’ve covered the WHERE, I am working on another blog, which will guide you through the thought process on HOW to plan what to wear for your personal branding photoshoot.

Clothing can serve so many different purposes in your photos – it can frame, define, provide color, set the tone and ultimately, give you the much needed boost of confidence for the shoot day, so do not underestimate this step of the process.

Have your outfits all looked out and just need the right photographer for the job? Don't hesitate, just click below and

And just in case you thought you were all set for your shoot and after decide that the color of your top is all wrong, my friend Robyn - San Diego Premiere Family Photographer - has got ya! She can tell you all about how to swap out white t-shirts for color in post! Check it out 👌🏽

Passionate about all things local, a self-proclaimed small business champion, I work with small business owners to create storytelling imagery of your brands. With beautiful, professional photography you can make the right first impression, mesmerise and charm your audience.

Ready to shine?

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Ute Reckhorn
Ute Reckhorn
Dec 13, 2023

You have great ideas and I especially love how you recommend shopping in your own wardrobe!


Brooke Hamilton
Brooke Hamilton
Dec 12, 2023

These are all so perfectly done for branding with style and personality :) Great tips!

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