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Mini Headshot sessions vs. full personal brand photo shoots: what gives? Aberdeen branding photographer for small business owners & inspiring entrepreneurs

You may have seen me announce launch of bookings for my Mini Artisan Headshot events (MAHs). Spring 2024 is booking now and I have ran these events with fabulous success in the past and in various locations.

I shared some of the images taken at the most recent event in a blog here. Held at a beautifully styled home in Aberdeen, this was something new for me - an indoor setting for the minis - but it worked absolutely fabulously!

Mini photoshoots - or mini sessions, or, if you are me, Mini Artisan Headshots, are events, where a photographer sets a date and location for a flurry of shorter photo sessions. The duration of these can vary from 15 minutes to 40 (sometimes even more) and this depends on photographer's set up and format of the shoots (some run mini branding days, which will incorporate more into the shoot, than just your fabulous self).

A big benefit in booking a slot at a mini session is that usually, this is the most cost-effective way to work with the photographer, while still getting the fabulous quality of their work. I usually include 3 digital images in the booking price and offer the opportunity to purchase more (in the least sales way possible :)).

On top of being the most affordable way to have your headshots updated and upgraded, a mini headshot event is also short and quick, which works perfectly for those busy peeps, who just can't seem to find the time to get their portraits levelled up and the smaller number of images received means that this works better for anyone, who isn't too present on their business visuals (and yet, knows the value of showing face and showing up!).

The way us, photographers, can offer these mini days, is by booking many slots back to back (I don't usually set more than 6 on one given day, because I give all my energy to each and every person and anything over 8 would just drain me and I want to be as fresh and bouncy for slot number 6 as I was for slot number 1!). We don't have travel time or costs and can accommodate a few bookings in one morning or afternoon. This is win win for all!

Now that you are fully up to speed with what a mini headshot session is, let's have a look at why you would book this over a full branding shoot and the other way around.


Minis are brilliant at any stage of your business journey, tbh. Not helpful, huh? Let me break this down :)

Over the years of offering minis, I have had business owners at different phases of their biz life and we agreed that it worked for them all perfectly in different ways.

If you are literally just about to launch a business, having professional headshots of yourself will be invaluable, as from get go you are ready to show up in a high quality way (a blurry selfie just won't do).

If you've had a brand shoot before, but aren't feeling quite ready to do the whole shebang again, a mini session would be ideal to freshen up some portraits to sprinkle over your website and socials alongside the brand photos you already have.

If you've never had a brand shoot and thinking about getting one, but just not sure whether I am the perfect 'tog for you, then a shorted headshot mini session is ideal to test the waters and see if we zing (we will :)).

One thing worth remembering when booking a mini is that they are fast-paced. I use my expertise and experience to make sure I photograph you in the most flattering light and posed perfectly and, though I ask you to complete a questionnaire to get an overview of your business and brand, this session will not provide a bespoke and detailed solution. I will focus on you (though these aren't strictly HEADshots only, I will take full length portraits, have you walk and turn...), so props (if any) will be pretty limited. The goal of these headshot minis is to create portraits of you to use in your business, not comprehensive brand images.

Occasionally, photographers will run themed mini events - perhaps, in a field of daffodils with all the spring feels or surrounded by glittering Christmas decor (you might wanna join the wait list is all I'm saying....), this can be great for creating seasonal content.

Finally, there is no skirting around the fact that a mini headshot session is a fairly lower price point than a full brand shoot and if your budget isn't quite where you need it to be to justify booking a branding photo session, then a mini is brilliant for anyone who sees the value in professional, high quality, beautiful photographs for their business.

Minis truly are a great solution for so many reasons, but is it perfect for you and your business?


If you feel like you've got your business fairly figured out: your ideal client, your vibe, your services and products, then you are ready to rumble.

A bespoke brand photoshoot for your business will do wonders to level up your visuals and online presence. You can sprinkle photos of you, your products, showing HOW you work and WHO you work with -

e v e r y w h e r e...

Your website, your socials, any PR opportunities you are considering - you are in charge of what visual message your business is putting out into the universe.

When people get to know you and how you work better, they are drawn to work with you, you become irresistible and certainly more desirable than others who do what you do, but don't show up quite as effectively.

A full branding session with me will deliver between 30 and 250 images, which - depending on how active you are on your socials - can last you over a year in content and certainly bedazzle your website with photographs you are completely in control of (none of this stock photography malarkey).

Booking on for a full brand shoot also means that you can enjoy a planning and prep session, a quick check in shortly before the day of the shoot to make sure you're happy with your props and wardrobe choices and any other last minute questions. Depending on the package you select, you will have between 1 and 5 hours of shooting, which also means that you have more wardrobe changes, props, locations... speaking of locations, at a bespoke session, we agree on a date and location that works best for you and suits your brand perfectly. Quaint cafe? Beach? Forrest? Your office? No problem, we discuss and pick those places that will be the best backdrop for your brand.

You can learn all about the branding packages that I offer and pricing for them here.


If you're visiting this page after the date of the event, it's worth still heading over to that page, as I will have a wait list registration up and running, so that you never miss a future mini date.


All the deets and link to book are here. I offer a completely no-strings-attached Zoom (Teams, FaceTime, Google Meet - whatever :)) call to discuss your brand and business and your vision to see which option of working with me would suit your needs best. I am not in this business to sell ice to eskimos, so you can be sure that the worst that can happen is we have a fun and friendly chat. The best - you make the first step towards a goldmine of your own on-brand images to use - where? That's right!

e v e r y w h e r e...

Passionate about all things local, a self-proclaimed small business champion, I work with small business owners to create storytelling imagery of your brands.

With beautiful, professional photography you can make the right first impression, mesmerise and charm your audience.

Ready to shine?


Meet more of my clients right here !

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