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Mini Artisan Headshot Photo Shoot at an Aberdeen West End with a Brand Photographer

Updated: Jan 8

So this happened a couple of weeks ago…

So far 2023 has been an absolute blast! I’ve worked with some incredible business owners – walking away utterly inspired and forging some very special connections along the way.

I’ve worked with entrepreneurs in Aberdeen city, Aberdeenshire and from farther afield – Ireland and Inverness!

Scotland’s central belt: Edinburgh and Glasgow, I’ve got my sights on you for next year :)

I am soooooooo behind on my blogging (boooo, but also a sign of busy things happening on the ground – and I can’t wait to see it all take shape and finally spill the beans), but the good news is that as I’ve had my last brand shoot of the year last week and just putting the beautiful finishing touches onto the gallery before delighting the rightful owner, which means that admin days are upon me and I can share all the amazing sessions I’ve had the pleasure of delivering this year.

As it’s hot off the press, the first gallery I’d like to share with you is my most recent Mini event: the mini artisan headshots.

Just like M&S don’t sell just any food, but only M&S food, my headshots are not just your average headshots :)

The artisan element is the injection of your personality, the sparkle in your eye and making sure that we aren’t just concentrating on the head & neck area (as per the classic headshot).

Now that you know the premise, you’ll understand what sets out these headshots from the rest.

I have ran mini headshots events around Aberdeen, Stonehaven and Laurencekirk in the past and they have always gone really well. I’ve met lovely new ladies through these shoots, together we created beautiful images for websites, PR materials and social media. I just love seeing those images pop up in my view.

The November 2023 event was due to take place at the new Union Terrace Gardens in Aberdeen – an absolute gem of the city, with a stunning backdrop of wild grasses of the garden beds, silver granite of the library and the turquoise dome of the HMT.

Unfortunately, the second storm of the stormy season in Scotland – storm Babet – had other plans. As the day of the minis was getting closer, my hopes for having a dry day were drying up (!) and an alternative needed to be found pronto.

Enter Victoria from the most fabulous West End Styling . I have followed Victoria’s Instagram account for some time, her beautiful space taking my breath away every time. I was a little nervous reaching out to Victoria with a wild idea of hosting my minis at her place in just a few days time, but one of my mottos in life is ‘it’s always a ‘no’ if you don’t ask’.

And she said YES!

The November mini headshots event took place indoors, at the most stylish apartment in the West End of Aberdeen.

It rained outside, but inside we were creating magic.

Unfortunately, I am unable to share photographs of all the lovely ladies that came along to the shoot (due to role-related privacy requirements – and yes, this is absolutely an option – if you don’t want your branding or headshot images shared on my socials and website, they never will be), but here are some that I can.


Meet Kuda - the most positive and smiley person you'll ever meet. Kuda distributes health and wellness products and is based in Aberdeen and she brings positivity into every room she enters.

Next up is the lovely Julie. Julieis a professional organiser in Aberdeen City and she was just fabulous to photograph. Julie has such a calming energy about her, I can absolutely see how she brings that into her business.

Catriona was the first appointment of the morning and what a start we made! I briefly met Catriona at a networking event a few weeks prior to the headshots session and just knew we would get on. Catriona is a well-travelled Scottish lady aaaaaand an amazing author, who has put all her expat experiences into a book, which you can buy right here.

Natalie! In contrast to Catriona, Natalie was the last appointment of the day and boy, did we end on a high! Natalie owns a virtual support agency that helps businesses run their day to day activities, builds websites and so much more. Natalie has a lovely bubbly personality and it was such a pleasure photographing her again.

Last, but by no means least we have Laura.

Laura is an intuitive soul coach, yoga teacher, healer and podcaster from Aberdeen. Her lovely and calm manner makes her so special to be around. Laura came to my minis back in spring - on Stonehaven's pebbly beach - and I enjoyed seeing her once again.

Are you feeling inspired and eager to join in the future events?

While the thought of getting your photos taken may feel like a daunting experience, I promise that one of my big aims is to make it a painless (and, dare I say, even fun?) experience. A lot of my clients know that photos are important for business, but still feel a little nervous about it. Seeing their galleries often has them surprised at how much they love what they see!

But hey, don't take it from me, here are some very kind words from the ladies that came along to the most recent event:

'...thank you very much for my headshots - I love them! And really appreciate how much you did to make this a beautiful experience...'

'You had better believe I'm taking the [full] gallery!! Stunning pics you are a magician!!!!'

'Thank you! So happy with these! They feel like 'me' but also pretty...'

'Thank you so much, I love the gallery!'

If you would like to change up your online presence and visibility in 2024 (how is it (nearly) 2024 already?), then I’d love to help.

Whether you’re keen to grab a spot at my next mini event or would like to discuss a full, bespoke branding photo shoot (be it in Aberdeen, Inverness, Ireland, Angus, Edinburgh, Glasgow or even farther afield…), feel free to reach out and let’s get that commitment-free coffee in the diaries. Wouldn’t that be an amazing thing to have for your business: having 0 worries about what image to use on your ‘About Me’ page or what to share with that fabulous caption on your favorite social media platform or taking the hassle out of creating your next promotional leaflet…?

Today I would like to invite you to check out my inspirational friend Michele's blog on Mommy & Me Style post. If you are currently thinking about having a motherhood session, this is a must-read, as it will offer you some inspiration on mommy and me looks for your upcoming shoot. Don't miss it!

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I love that you are able to help these Aberdeen women show their brand style so wonderfully!

Replying to

Thank you, Brooke, they were such an inspiration to work with!


These are wonderful and I just love the beautiful location!

Replying to

Thanks, Ruth, absolutely lucked out with the beautiful space!


You have a wonderful eye for composition, color and light! Great portraits!!

Replying to

Thank you, Ute, how kind!

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