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Sharing Top 5 Myths About Brand Photography - and debunking them myth busters style | Aberdeen Branding, Headshot and Family Photographer, Scotland

Updated: Apr 18

You might know me as just Iana - your friend, who has something to do with photography... you might know me as brand photographer extraordinaire - or one that certainly aspires to be so - or a fun and fabulous family tog, full of life and cringe jokes, but one that never fails to make your little ones chuckle.

I don't mind which 'hat' you know me best under, I am glad to have you here.

Well hey, it's me!

One of the types of photography services that I offer is personal branding: photography for businesses that wish to tell their story, connect with their audience, build a community - which all leads to running a vibrant, thriving business.

Showing the face and persona behind the product or service is crucial in the busy modern world.

Heck, I can bet my daily Starbucks that there’s someone close by doing the same thing you do (know any photographers?..).

How do you make sure it’s YOU your dreamy client turns to?

Your personal brand ☀️

Something that defines you, makes you stand out, makes you memorable and irresistible.

If you’ve been doing some research about effective marketing, you’ve probably heard about personal brand photography.

You’ve maybe even researched it for yourself.

You’ve maybe even had your shoot done already! (Gold star!)

If not (don’t worry, you’re not alone), what’s stopping you?

I wonder if it’s one of the top things I often hear as the reason from clients (yes, they get over it 🤣) and my community of exciting entrepreneurs (who have it on their ‘To Do list’).

Today, I am going to share the top 5 myths about brand photography and debunk them myth-busters style! 💥🥊

Myth 1:

You don’t need to show your face to sell...

The truth is amazon doesn’t. Because they are a huge corporation with an infinity of different products and convenience and price (race to the bottom) are their game.

You and I are small business owners - crafted and artisan brands with heart and soul.

While what we sell is lovely and important and sometimes life-changing, to stand out from other brands that sell same or similar, we need to connect. This is what your face and personality come in! 👋🏽

Brand photography can help you create voice for your business, when all you have is a picture.

Together, we will weave a story, bottle up a feeling, make you irresistible, a must have for your clients.

Myth 2:

Brand photography is expensive...

The truth is it is 🤣

Good brand photography will not be cheap.

But! Remember, this is an investment into your business.

What would having that vault of professional photos at your fingertips mean for your marketing strategy? Speaking from experience (yes, I’ve had my brand shoot!), it’s a game-changer.

Your website and socials will be filled with professional, beautiful images of you and your craft, creating a solid impression that you mean business.

Next time press reach out for visuals to run alongside an article about you, you won’t have to settle for

Having professionally-taken images of you means that you will look amazing and be proud to show these off, rather than dread posting that awkward selfie…

Brand photography costs money, but it’s an investment that pays its keep every day!

Myth 3:

My business isn’t in a good phase for brand photography...

The truth is there is no ‘good phase’, it’s what you make of it.

Now, I am not here to ‘sell’ you something you don’t need and I hate a hard sell.

This is why I offer a number of different options when it comes to brand photography - I also create artisan headshots and run regular mini events for those clients, that truly need just the bare minimum, but understand the importance of showing up.

Whether you are just starting out, know your brand through and through or going through a rebrand, an experienced brand photographer will guide you towards the best way to approach and plan your shoot.

Besides, it’s never the perfect time to do anything, is it?

The time is now! ⏰

Myth 4:

I don’t look good enough to represent my brand...

The truth is your existing clients will tell you that you do! They love you already, they support what you do and pay attention.

We are our own toughest critics - trust me, I know!

What is important to remember is that when we prepare for your shoot, we will plan your ‘looks’ extensively. We will talk about outfits, hair and make up, I recommend my clients consider outsourcing some of this prep (if anything, as a jest of self care).

So you will not look like you just woke up in these photos (if you’re anything like me, not the desired look). Most of my clients feedback at the end of their shoots and certainly after viewing their gallery, that they actually really enjoyed the experience and love how they look (yassss! 💪🏽).

Not to blow my own trumpet, but professional photos truly do make people shine - we take the time to plan and get ready; placing you under most flattering light and posing you so that you look your best is part of my service to you and… we have a blast.

Myth 5:

I can DIY my brand pics anywho...

The truth is up to a point - yes! But… trust me (I’m a photographer!) DIY photography is time-consuming and often unsuccessful.

Of course, it depends on your goals and the standard to which you want your brand photography to deliver.

As we agreed in Myth no. 2, professional branding photographer services aren’t cheap, but what you do get when hiring an expert isn’t just someone who’ll click a button on the other side of the camera.

You will have a pro, who has the eye for the setting, set up, can guide you to select the perfect location for your shoot, talk through wardrobe choices and looks and deliver a portfolio of images that will tell a story, rather than show you awkwardly smiling at the camera.

I’ve done the DIY thing myself - and I am a brand photographer - truth is, when doing it yourself, you will likely lack the enthusiasm, the right energy and confidence, you may miss focus a bunch of times (yep - been there!) and highly likely give up before you even get going!

It can end up being frustrating, time-consuming and very low on results - discouraging to say the least.

So while - yes, physically you can DIY your brand photography, it’s important to understand, that when you hire a pro, they don’t just deliver some pics of you - us brand photographers are so much more than button-clickers!

Brand photography is a crucial part of your marketing strategy.

It is my firm belief that picking a brand photographer that will make your photos shine is going to make the experience a joyful one and the result something you are proud to use to represent your business time and time again!

What do you think about the myths I’ve shared today?

Were any on your mind already, have I convinced you or do you disagree with any of my responses?

I’d love to hear from you in Comments! 👋🏽

Ready to book your brand photoshoot with me in Aberdeen, Scotland?

I first busted these myths in a newsletter collaboration with a fabulous copywriter and website strategist - Claire of Word Craft. Based in North East of Scotland, I first connected with Claire on instagram, forging an online, small business owner friendship through comments and reactions of posts and stories - you know the way :)

When Claire started work on her website, she reached out to me to deliver her brand photos. Working with Claire was a blast and the photos are now embellishing her website (and socials!) brilliantly - you can see more about the shoot here.

When Claire invited some fellow entrepreneurs to feature on her monthly newsletter, it was a no brainer to come forward and I am delighted for the opportunity to be in such good company.

If you want to level up your copy, editing or learn more about behind the scenes of running a small business, join Claire's copywriting and small business newsletter - it sure brightens up my day, when it lands in my inbox!

As you know, I also offer family photography in Aberdeen and wider Scotland and one of my lovely family photographer friends from across the pond - Michele - is sharing why family photography is so important to remember and incorporate into your family's annual schedule.

Give her blog a read and enjoy the beautiful words and even more beautiful imagery that accompanies the piece.

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Apr 25
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Such great information in this post, especially number 2! You definitely get what you pay for, worth every penny to hire a professional!


Apr 20
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This is really good information! And a push for people to just do it!:)


Apr 20

So true!!! And I just love your photos!


Apr 19

These are some great myths about brand photography but I love your photo at the top!


This is so on point! Well said! :)

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Thanks for taking the time to feedback :)

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