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helping you turn your business into a brand


Hello, You!

This is me, practicing as I preach and showing up for my business

I am Iana and I am a family & brand photographer, living, loving and working in Aberdeen and surrounding areas.

My job is to help you acquire a stunning portfolio of on-brand photography and artisan headshots with personality

I love good coffee, apples and quirky wardrobe pieces.

I dislike doing taxes (hello 5-to-midnight!), alcohol and being ghosted (I much prefer rejection).

My mission is to understand your brand and create a goldmine of stunning images about you and your business, giving it a unique visual identity  and making the experience fun and joyful for you.

now about you

So you had a brilliant idea and you’ve only gone and turned it into a success story.

Whatever your business, you need some beautiful, professional-looking imagery of the individual that is YOU to show your clients what you bring to the table.

Let me help you create an irresistible first impression - the kind that will tell your clients they just have to work with you.

Being a small business owner myself, I know that you’re in business because it’s what gets you up in the morning and keeps you up at night. Your passion is what ignites you - you’d be doing this even if it were only a hobby.

And you’re great at it!


Beautiful, professional imagery is what turns your business into a brand.


Just imagine having a suite of outstanding images that you can use on your website, social media channels, marketing materials and more.

Imagine having the images with the power to invigorate and energise your marketing campaigns and socials' feeds - all at your fingertips.

Having a professionally-curated portfolio of photographs of you and your business is an investment that can be drawn upon time and time again and that pays back by uplifting your reputation, boosting your self-believe as a business-owner and creating a brand that clients recognise, love and trust - and subsequently want and need to choose over others.


Lisa - Childrenswear boutique owner at Bob & Lulu

Would you like a commitment-free chat to discuss your needs before you make that decision?

"Iana really gives a customer centric experience from the way she communicates to the helpful ways to pose/stand as well as how to improve the aesthetics of the photo.

The end result is a batch of photos myself and all my team love.  She has captured the essence of our business within the photos.

I know she will deliver above and beyond my expectations."

Mabel McLean - McLean Financial Services


Unsure of whether you are ready for this step? Worry about being in front of the camera?


"What on Earth would I have to show?"


Trust me, we've all been there and trust me, you have such an amazing story to tell - show where your business comes from, your why, your how and, above all - YOU.

Have you ever noticed how much your engagement increases when you post photos of yourself? People buy from people and your people love to see your face.

Your clients cannot wait to meet you!

Your Personal Branding Session will be set in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire, indoors, or out - full of positive and exciting energy, relaxed and impactful, resulting in a suite of curated images that you can use immediately to level up your personal brand image.

You will own a portfolio of artisan headshots, your work environment, some of your unique tools, products and other representations of your brand - to sprinkle all over the social media, your website, support your PR aspirations and other visual mediums.

I LOVE learning about and supporting the small&local businesses in the community and pride myself on being a true small business champion.


Working with other solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, creative minds and small business owners is truly a joy, a pleasure and an honour.

I can't wait to see what we can create together and where that takes you!


Kim - Virtual Assistant at OddHogg

If you're ready to take the next step, let's talk pricing!

There are three options for Personal Branding packages to ensure the best suitability for your business needs - including an epically affordable subscription option - so you will find something that works best for you.


My packages start at £425 and your appointment is confirmed by paying 30% of your chosen session fee with the remainder due only following the reveal of the Gallery.

I offer a payment plan for package 3 and whichever option you go for, it truly is an investment that will prove its value time and time again.


Annthea - Nail Technician and Make Up Artist at Rouge

shall we knock it out of the park? ready to talk personal brand for your business?

WOOHOO! Can't wait to chat - I'll be in touch soon!


"I highly recommend Iana!


Recently she helped me with my new website photos and they were all beautiful!


She gathered lots of information about what I wanted beforehand, was patient, kind and helpful during the shoot, making me feel at ease and then was great when my edits were quite demanding!

I will definitely work with Iana again in the future."

Emma Armes - Pain Therapist

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the blog is an excellent source of information, inspiration and past client shoots

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Carla Barber - the Mindfulness Coach


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