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Hello there...
I am

...lover of color, fresh air and mouth-wide-open-head-thrown-back-belly-laughs

Come for a walk with me and I'll show ya!

Family and Childhood Portrait Photographer in Aberdeen, Angus and beyond!

Russian-born, Ukrainian-raised, Dutch-grown, now spreading my roots in Scotland.


​Mommy to three boys – two human and one feline.

​Married to a guy, who can do just about anything... when he finds the time!

​Daughter and sister to the best family around - certified.

​I have a few guilty pleasures - most of them are in music and TV (Spice Girls, Nashville...), but also salt and mayonnaise.

​I always have a project in mind - currently trying to learn about film (moving pictures) - watch this space!
Want to know more? Check out this list of 'fun' facts about me...

I want to give your family the joy of turning your memories into keepsakes.

I bet your kids don't pose and your partner 'hates' photos... heck, you wouldn't startle me if you told me you don't like pictures of yourself!

Let me surprise you!

Come for a walk with me and be amazed at how a photo session turns into one of your most beloved memories.

And as a bonus - you will get to relive these memories via the keepsake that is the images we create together.

I've been handling cameras since early-teens, gradually getting more and more serious about understanding the process, finding my vision and refining my skill.

In the recent years (and certainly since having our boys) it has grown into a full-on passion.

Right now I am in love with photography!

My spare time is mostly spent reading about photography, watching tutorials, attending courses or browsing various forums - seriously, 99% of the time my husband asks: 'what are you doing on your phone?', the answer is 'looking at photography stuff' (good excuse for when I am aimlessly browsing Facebook – which isn’t a lot, but happens).

Snapping one of the few cameras scattered around the house at anyone and anything in the household goes without saying.

My service is warm, attentive and genuine.

My style is natural, with minimal enhancements - used only to bring out the pre-existing beauty of moments.

My goal is to capture timeless, classic, elegant, beautiful... but most importantly, authentic imagery.

I love transforming what I love into something you will love.

Let's Make Beautiful Memories...


Wooo! I'll be in touch soon!

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