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Sentimental Family Photography

turning fleeting into timeless for families, who cherish their memories

Family is the most important thing in my life.

And I know the same must be true for you, if you are looking to create a time capsule of the most precious memories with your favourite people.

You have come to the right place.



You are a cluster of people, who love each other unconditionally.
Your children are bundles of fun energy and shy at times, your partner isn't completely sold on the idea of the shoot, but they will go along with it, because they know that it matters.

The focus of the session is on you and the beautiful energy flowing between your family.
Watching your children grow is bittersweet, but each stage is magical and deserves its place on the walls of your family home - as well as in your heart.
The special, vibrant, emotional and sometimes chaotic moments will turn into fleeting memories, but with family photography, you can preserve them into heirlooms to cherish for many years to come.

You will never regret making the time for your family photo shoot and your future self will be forever grateful for the nostalgic feelings awoken by those photographs.

Family Portfolio

fleeting into timeless

You will know better than anyone could tell you about how quickly our babies grow - looking back through the photos from last year - heck, just a few months ago - can you believe how much taller they are, how much blonder their hair is, how quick those gaps from their milk teeth filled out?

Here is my promise to you to make it fun, stress-free and to deliver the most precious images you have ever held in your hands.

Your children won't have to sit still or force a smile, we will let them blossom as the characters that they are.
If they aren’t in the mood, we’ll run around and play games, if they are feeling a little bit shy, we’ll capture timeless portraits of tender cuddles and kisses.
This will not be stressful and you will most-probably-definitely walk away with core memories - and photographs to relive them for many-many years.


Don't wait for seasons to change, hair to grow, to lose some weight... daym, mama, you look shamazing - just ask dad (and, if you asked your four-year-old and were told that you look like Hulk, trust me, this is the top dog compliment)!

The time is now, because we will never have 'now' again...

"Ok wow, I'm in love!"
Crying with joy looking through our gallery. What a talent Iana has to be able to capture such beautiful images.
At our family photoshoot Iana puts us all at ease and communicates well with the kids. There was no awkward posing, the session was natural and relaxed.
We will definitely be booking another family photoshoot!

Leah F


In or Out?

Together we will decide on where would serve as the best backdrop for your photo shoot.

Are you more of a family that love to jump in muddy puddles and adventure in the woods? Or, perhaps, you throw your shoes into the sand and caution to the wind and run knee-deep into the sea?


Scotland's abundant countryside can accommodate your every wish! 


...or does your home hold the heart of your family? Do you think everyone will be most relaxed and most themselves surrounded by everything that makes them feel comforted and cosy?

Whatever your preference, we will discuss this when booking you in for a shoot and decide on the setting that suits your family perfectly.


£100 Session Fee payment secures the shoot and includes:

  • Agreeing the perfect date, timing and location for your shoot is easy! I have a bunch of beautiful locations I am very familiar with, should you want some suggestions.

  • In the lead up to your session, you will receive a comprehensive Prep Guide that will take you through all the things you need to consider while getting ready for your shoot - including wardrobe tips!

  • 60-90 minute session at the perfect location - I promise, it will be a fun day in or out with your loved ones and not a thing to dread.

  • A private online gallery, where you can pour over the photos of your family and make the final selection of which Collection you would like to keep






15 high resolution digital images


1 fine art, hand-finished 8x6" (A5) print

Chtefan Photography_RGB Logos_Element 5 Candy.png





Full gallery of high resolution digital images (at least 40) ready for you to download


1 fine art, hand-finished 8x6" (A5) print

10 beautiful 8x6" prints ready to be framed or gifted to lucky recipients

Chtefan Photography_RGB Logos_Element 5 Candy.png





Full gallery of high resolution digital images (at least 40) ready for you to download

10 beautiful 8x6" prints ready to be framed or gifted to lucky recipients

Bespoke wall art piece using a selection of your beautiful family photographs - designed specially for you

Chtefan Photography_RGB Logos_Element 5 Candy.png



Chtefan Photography_RGB Logos_Element 1 Candy.png
Chtefan Photography_RGB Logos_Element 1 Candy.png
Absolutely amazing from start to finish!
Iana made us feel so comfortable during our family session and the genuine laughter shines through on the photos.
Iana managed to capture our wee boys' happy personality and I just love every single photo.
Thank you so much, Iana, would highly recommend!

Harriet Q

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