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The Fields of Gold: Daffodil Family Photo Sessions | Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Family Photographer

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Have you heard of the Pay It Forward Day?

28th of April was the World Pay It Forward Day – a day (one of 365 in a year), when everyone is encouraged to offer up good deeds and expect nothing in return.

The idea is that this will set off a chain reaction, for example, by doing three people a favour, you encourage those three to do something nice for another three-four-ten and so on.

That’s a whole load of good deeds and, hopefully, a lot of happy thoughts, smiles and friendly people floating around.

My good deed was not completely selfish.

Thing is, we live in the middle of nowhere, next to a farm in rural Scotland and every year we are surprised by the crop that appears around our house. The last two springs we’ve been spoiled with fields of daffodils – can you image? I am even being told by a reliable source, that the pink-hearted blooms in the distance are the only representation of that species in the whole of the UK - so a spot of sight-seeing too.

I was disappointed to hear, however, that due to early Easter and Mother's Day and prolonged winter, the market for this gorgeous flower was slow and a lot of flowers have gone unpicked/unsold for this exact reason. Another bit of madness - supermarkets won't usually want to stock any variety other than the plain yellow kind you've likely seen on the roadsides, in your garden and on Supermarkets' shelves.

Back to Sunday!

Even though the gorgeous blooms have been literally on our doorstep, I hadn’t taken advantage in the previous years, but decided that this year is the one (probably spurred on by the fact that the bulbs are being lifted this summer for a break of a year or two!).

So a session has been on my mind for the past few weeks growing more vividly yellow in the past few days.

And then Facebook told me that Saturday was the Pay It Forward Day – it all aligned.

I posted a call on Facebook, calling on all the brave, willing and available families from the local area to come along for an impromptu mini-session, not guaranteeing any warmth nor lack of rain (you never can in Scotland – even with 5 of the most ‘reliable’ weather apps on my phone), but promising a gift of a digital file from the session for their efforts.

No strings attached, no catches, no up-sell following the photoshoot, just good, old, fun shooting, posing and then, hopefully, enjoying the memories of the day and the beautiful fields of yellow in the years to come.

So here are the brave bunch of models, who made it out to the middle of nowhere at 6-7PM on a Sunday night.

Thanks so much for coming and being amazing fun!

It rained from 3 to 5PM that afternoon and I was watching my five weather apps like a hawk, hoping they were all going to be correct, saying that the rain would stop at 5(ish) and not return for the rest of the night. The rain stopped, as promised, and the skies were getting better and better – a lot of play with the clouds, the light, colors and the sun before it finally set at around 9PM!






To me, nothing screams 'Spring!' more than a field of fragrant daffodils and, if you are in Scotland, a bunch of wellies, scarves, hats and warm hearts.


Chtefan. Photography is a family lifestyle portrait and commercial business photographer based in Laurencekirk, Aberdeen - Scotland.

I specialise in beautiful, natural photography of children, families and professional portraits, personal branding and headshots.

Chtefan. Photography covers the following areas: Montrose, Inverbervie, Arbroath, Ellon, Westhill, Banchory, greater Aberdeenshire and Angus regions and would be delighted to travel on both national and international assignments.

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