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Aberdeen Family Photographer - with T Family at St. Cyrus Beach by Montrose

Well, well, well,

HELLO, 2024!

I hope you’re keeping very well and enjoying a slowly return to routines.

My children went back to school today and, boy, was it a hard hog - getting up, getting dressed, having breakfast, putting on shoes and coats promptly...

And... did anyone else struggle to find the school bags this morning? Just me? :)

Anyways, as children went back to school (they were so excited, by the way, think, they've had enough of our faces over the past fortnight+), so did we - back to work.

This week is a fairly busy one, updating the planner for the year (not just work, but fun times too), I have two discovery calls (woop, some of you are super on the ball for 2024!), a family prep guide to update and send out and two galleries to edit. One - branding and one - a beautiful, sunlit family shoot I had with a lovely family from Boston, MA in the USA, visiting family for the holidays and shooting (no less) on the first day of this lovely new year. I always say that sun shines for lovely people and, boy, did it shine for these guys!

But before I get to all that busy business, I'd love to take the opportunity to share some images from this wonderful family session we had towards the end of last year - with the T family on the magical St. Cyrus beach.

It was such a pleasure meeting and photographing Kathleen, Euan and their fabulous girls.

The weather was absolutely perfect, we met slightly later on in the day and then sun was starting to set, giving us magical skies.

Aren't these pure magic?

My family shoots are fun and relaxed, I take pride in making you all feel like you're having a fun day out with your favorite people, but maybe a bit more dressed up than usual.

I will guide you through the shoot to ensure you don't feel stiff and awkward and the resulting images will make you smile ear to ear.

And one little spoiler alert... like the most amazing investment, these photos will become even more treasured as the years go by.

Ready to book your shoot with me in 2024?

Psssssssst! I will be running some Mini Family Photo Sessions in Aberdeen and surrounding areas this year, if a bespoke family shoot isn't something you feel you can commit to yet or would like to have a quick update to your family portraits, this could be perfect for you!

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