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Summer Fun - Scavenger Hunt 2018 - are you in? | Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Family Photographer

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Hey everyone, I am so excited to announce a little summer project for any willing budding photographer to get involved with. Hopefully you joined me for the Learning Week last week and it got you curious – or your curiosity was bursting at the seams already.

Personally, I find that having some light-hearted motivation goes a long way, so I have decided to launch a Photography Scavenger Hunt running throughout the summer, where the goal of the ‘hunt’ is to ‘capture’ the images to suit the themes outlined on the Scavenger list.

Some of these are ‘items’, while others deal more with the ‘method’ - it is completely up to you on how you chose to play it.

One image might even contain all of the above - whoa, now that's a challenge, but is it it more or less fun to produce just one photo?..

I hope you enjoy exploring each theme – feel free to store a copy of the list and tick off each item, as you make your way through. You might even find yourself changing your chosen image as the weeks go by – and the ‘Golden Hour’ might become ‘Joy’, while you chose a different image for the ‘Golden Hour’.

There are 13 themes – I felt like this was manageable as we have 13 weekends to get through the project. You don’t HAVE TO complete all, but, I think, trying to do so, will help you challenge yourself and completing the more challenging items (whether creatively, or technically), will help you grow. I will, of course, be also following the hunt, as I have plenty to learn and love a fun project!

I have set up a Closed Facebook Group for this project – anyone can request to join, but it won’t be accessible for non-members. Hopefully, this way, everyone will feel a lot more comfortable posting their vision of the themes. You can join the group here: 'Photo Scavenger Hunt - Summer 2018'

If you are on Instagram, you can also tag your images with #cpscavenger2018 (but remember, if you have a Private account, only those, who are your followers will see).

While we will have no strict timelines for submissions (i.e. a specific theme by end of each week), I encourage you to submit at least three images in a month. I will aim to do a ‘Summary’ post every fortnight, including everyone’s submissions for the period.

At the end of the ‘Hunt’, I will collate all the images and post our little project for all to admire – you can, of course, let me know if you’re only taking part to grow and would rather not be included.

We will kick off the proceedings on the 1st of June and wrap things up on the 31st of August.

Now for the important bit: The Rules. There are NONE! You can use any camera – DSLR, point-and-shoot, your phone, film camera, camera obscura – whatever floats your boat! I would absolutely encourage liking and commenting on each other’s work, finding inspiration in others’ submissions and don’t be afraid to ask questions – whether to do with the timings, camera settings, items featured in the images or recommendations for the best ice cream in town (Aunty Betty’s of Stonehaven, by the way). Let's make friends along the way!

Above all - have fun with it! I am so excited to see our creativity shine!

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