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Mrs. Monday Motivator: Are you a Scavenger Enough? + The Weekly (ahem) Grid! | Aberdeen Photograher

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Hey Scavengers!

This beautiful weather is doing me no favours for getting my creative juices flowing – I’ll be honest!

All I wanna do is lay on the grass in the garden, lazily turning pages of some good read (this is when the little monkey is sleeping, of course, otherwise – no such joy).

But anyways, I am finding the Scavenger Hunt pretty encouraging for doing my personal work – it gets me thinking about how I can position the shot creatively, to suit a theme. I also feel so fortunate to be in good company of people, who encourage and inspire to take more photos, to see things in a different way, in different light.

So without any further adieu, here is our Scavenger Hunt 2018 Grid Number 2 (supposed to be a weekly grid, but holidays and then recovering from holidays may have gotten in the way):

How brilliant is this, loving the variety of themes yet again - exploring shadow, water fun, black and white and my personal favourite - summer food!!!

So I clearly can’t get enough of lists of things to shoot, so I am also going to be joining in the Clickin Moms Photo Hunt too, which lasts during the month of July.

Their list is a lot more extensive as mine (I am yet to find out what ‘adirondack chair’ is and also going to have a blast taking photos of my husband’s rose (unless I can use my Virgin Pina Coladas instead (addicted to those right now!))), but, it also entails some prizes and playing alongside some amazing photographers, so I am definitely giving it a go.

Clickin Moms is actually a brilliant resource, I credit 'them' with giving me a lot of inspiration and a good spur to get going with photographing after having our son. They charge an annual membership fee (can be paid monthly), but I have found it so worth the expense.

There is a lot of valuable information on the forums (tutorials and guides) and also Breakouts (lessons) in their store (these cost extra on top of the membership, but the few I’ve completed I found amazing) – you can learn from your favorite photographers.

If you decide to join, discount code BLOGHUNT18 will give you 20% off on a monthly or annual membership in the month of July.

Just to let you know, I am not getting any monetary benefit from sharing this with you, I find it an incredible learning resource and also a brilliant place to seek inspiration from some greats and I do like to share my sources.

Hope you are enjoying playing along with the Chtefan. Photography Scavenger Hunt and learning from others and your own work. If you haven't joined yet, it's not too late, we will keep going until the end of the summer - finishing with the last weekend in August!

Here's the reminder of our Scavenger Hunt List:


And here's a link to our Facebook Group, where we share photos and general useful information about the way we work and play with photography:

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