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Mrs. Monday Motivator: No Hands Selfie | Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Family Photographer

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

This is aimed at every photographer, who finds themselves capturing, but rarely in any frames. There are projects going around, where the photographer is encouraged to take a photo of themselves - the one I keep seeing popping up entails a weekly effort. I think this is brilliant, but I’ll admit - I’ve started and failed miserably more than once! So, a selfish desire to get in the frame (on my terms) at least once this summer - has inspired the ‘No Hands Selfie’ category.

Here’s one I took a number of months ago and I wanted to share the set up and arrangement behind it.


You can tell I didn’t spend long getting ready. It was very impromptu, I was taking photos of our son on our bed - because the light was so beautiful (there’s a window in our bedroom to the side of the bed and the light happened to be just right) and then decided to take advantage of it all being in motion and jump in the frame. I set the camera to take a number of frames, at set intervals (your camera should be able to do some sort of timed photography) and just cuddled into the little one. Luckily, this was at the age where the shutter clicking could get his attention and he couldn’t run away (because, a two year old’s attention span is a LOT shorter than an 8 month old’s!) and I got this image. I absolutely love it, because it’s natural, it’s just me and my boy, spending a day similar to how we spent most of my maternity - making no note of time, enjoying each other's company and getting to know one another.

Selfies have become such a commodity in the world of photography and with this category I would like us to put a little more thought and effort into creating the image, let's tell a story with it. Back in my Uni days, when I was just starting out exploring photography, I took a LOT of self-portraits, I was my person to practice editing on.

These days are gone, but I want to make a little return to that time. I’ve got an idea in mind for my 'No Hands Selfie'... it’ll take a bit of effort and time - here’s hoping I actually push through and make it happen! It might be one I take the whole summer to get or one I spend 2 seconds on 5 minutes before midnight on 31st of August!

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