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The Colorful Days | Aberdeen Family Photographer

I’m all about silver linings these days.

You’ve simply got to find something that sparks joy in you and hold on tight - else the crazy storm will sweep you away in a wave of worry, uncertainty and insecurity.

Silver linings for me have been too many to list them all - abundance of time spent as a family (though, let’s be real and also admit that, at times, this is also ‘too much’), lack of daily commute, lack of parking fees, all the money I’m saving on not getting a Starbucks coffee every morning (though, don’t worry, Mr. Nespresso gets plenty of my dolla instead!)...

We’ve also been spending so.much.time in our wonderful garden - and it really is wonderful, though with the shorter days, bad weather and spending so much time at work and just ‘elsewhere’, we’ve not been giving it the time that it deserves...

So with this in mind, getting out somewhere a little bit different has become an amazing treat!

For obvious reasons, we’ve not been going places... but one day last week, it was felt that a change of scenery was needed by all and it was to be our exercise and shop trip for the day.

So we went to the amazing PYO tulip patch on the outskirts of Laurencekirk to blow the cobwebs and pick the most gorgeous locally-grown tulips.

NJ McWilliam & Co is a local farm, delighting us with pick your own flowers for the second season - we were treated to sunflowers and dahlias last summer!

I spied some peonies making the patch their home - ready for picking next summer - so we will most definitely be back!

Incidentally, this colorful visit also coincided with a personal project I am currently collaborating on with a group of photographer friends - our Portrait Loop, where we have a set of monthly themes to put our spin on.

Can you guess this month’s assignment?


So please check out the next artist’s blog by following the link and keep going until you come back to me.

Introducing the Queen of color: Bex Maini - Kent & Sussex Family Photographer extraordinaire!

I’d love to hear your feedback - have you got a beautiful local location and how would you interpret ’color’ in portraiture?..


Chtefan. Photography is a family lifestyle portrait and commercial business photographer based in Laurencekirk, Aberdeen - Scotland.

I specialise in beautiful, natural photography of children, families and professional portraits, personal branding and headshots.

Chtefan. Photography covers the following areas: Montrose, Inverbervie, Arbroath, Ellon, Westhill, Banchory, greater Aberdeenshire and Angus regions and would be delighted to travel on both national and international assignments.

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Ann Owen
Ann Owen
May 27, 2020

These are amazing! I wish we had a tulip pyo what a beautiful place and fun thing to do!

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