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My Personal Best 2018 | Aberdeen Family Photographer

Now, choosing my perceived best photography was going to be hard.

And could’ve taken long.

But I’ve worked out a method.

So here goes...

My favourite personal images from 2018 - and reasons for why I chose them:

This was taken in Lisbon in spring. I love the simplicity of this image, I love the memories of this trip (our first (and last!) as a trio). Looking at this photograph takes me back to that slightly rainy day in Portugal (photos have that effect and that’s why I love what I do!).


The next image is of our cat - Josh!

We used to have two, but sadly lost Rogue in spring. Again, this photo takes me back to that day and reminds me of our son chasing the cat in the daffodils, it’s the simple things...


This image was a bit unexpected. I snapped my point and shoot camera as he was running away not thinking much of it, but ended up loving the capture so much, that if I had to only choose three from this year, this would probably make the cut!


I was working on my website and knew I needed a photo of me to use on it.

That’s how one of not many photos of me not looking like a crazy lady happened.


Same as the silhouette above, this photo was another ‘little’ camera production and would also be a high contender for top 3!


After surprising myself with how much I enjoyed some of the wider angle stuff, I got myself a new lens - a 1.4 A 35mm Sigma. The next two images were taken on my first outing with the lens and I instantly knew we’d become friends.



Do I need to explain why I love this one?..

Not often one for gushing, I’ll just say that this guy is pretty amazing! And the new baby is pretty special too...


Just for a second let’s ignore the fact that this photo’s focus is all over the shop - I’ll blame it on the fact that I’d just had a baby.

These two I have the privilege of calling ‘mom and dad’ are what any mom and dad should aspire to be like!

I need to absolutely get more/better photos with them next year!


This is another self portrait, taken on a woodland walk with the littlest one. I couldn’t resist autumnal colors - I swear this is the most gorgeous fall yet!


The next few images are featured for the same reason - they turn my heart into a puddle.

Our firstborn is such a fantastic big bro, he’s really surpassed any expectations we ever had for him Taking on this new role.

He definitely keeps me in check with his parenting advice, which cracks me up every time.




And last, but not least, some festive experiments with the two boys in the frame.

The dark images, full of sparkling lights remind me of the cosy nights in, spent playing with stickers, watching Disney movies and colouring in.

It’s not much, but it’s everything!



Looking through my work - both, personal and client - from 2018 made me realised how much I enjoy photographing families - emotion and moments and how quickly time flies...

I often think that I cannot remember the time when we didn’t have kids - that includes our three month old son!

So here’s to 2018, you’ve been fantastic! And here’s to 2019 - I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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