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9 Images To Take This December To Capture Christmas 2018 Best |Aberdeen Family Photographer

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

You may have heard of the Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt I hosted over the summer.

You may’ve even joined in!

I loved that little project and certainly found encouragement to keep personal photography going, even when things got crazy busy in other areas of my life.

I knew I wanted to do something similar in December - leading up to Christmas - but also knew that realistically I couldn’t ‘commit’ to a Hunt - especially when December is already next week and there’s not that much time left before Christmas (and a whole lotta presents to come up with and buy).

So I have decided to run a slightly more simplified initiative.

Anyone is welcome to shoot along!

You write your list of things you’d like to capture in the coming weeks - creating images, which will be more than just quick snaps and will remind you of this festive season.


Photography in winter is hard!

It’s dark (in Scotland days are particularly short and often dull).

It’s cold.

It’s often raining.

Colors are mostly dark and trees barren.

This isn’t always such a bad thing, of course, challenges can push you further and make creativity shine, but to me, all of the above are more of a reason to push harder in December and focus on the warmth, joy and brightness of Christmas and New Year’s Eve preparations and the days/nights themselves.

I have purposely kept my items a bit generic - this means I can get creative with them, but also, that I will be more likely to pursue them.

For example, instead of ‘Snowman’ I am going to aim to capture ‘Frost’ - this means that a frosty morning or a frozen over puddle will 'do' and I don’t need to fly over to Finland to build a snowman - or feel like I’ve failed that item.

So here goes nothing, my list of things to capture in December 2018:

  • Lights

  • Food

  • Bokeh

  • Pyjamas

  • Tack

  • Presents

  • Tree

  • Frost

  • Magic

Will you be joining me?

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