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This Is Us - Family Photo Session in Denlethen Woods | Aberdeen Family Photographer

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

This is important.

I often promote the importance of family photography.

Of course I do - it’s my passion, my business, I ‘buy into it’.

But right now I will get up off my chair and admit: ‘I, Iana Chtefan, do not have any semi-decent photos with my OWN family’ [since, probably our wedding day - before we had babies] and I am ashamed.

This is for a number of reasons - it’s been looked into and on the cards a few times and just never quite happened...

Until today!


I am beyond excited that today was the day that our family album can get an update (since our wedding day!) with beautiful images (missing my sister, but I’ll take this over nothing as a small win).

Of course, as I was in charge of planning, organising, coordinating and shooting, photos of me are scarce (special thanks to my ‘Second Shooter’ - Dad!), so this is work in progress, but I achieved the main thing - captured my parents and husband with our boys - hurrah!



aberdeen-family-photographer-montrose-father-throwing-boy-denlethen woods-laurencekirk-woods



One of my mantras is ‘the best camera is the one you have on you’ - or one that you WILL actually use - but on reflection, I do also blame ‘the camera I always have on me’ (iPhone) for me slacking on taking ‘proper’ photos of my entire family for this long!

I absolutely love these already and want to do more (and WILL do more - sister, you’re not off the hook!), I can not stress enough the importance of capturing your family portraits - and this does include parents, grandparents and everyone else you manage getting into the frame!

Can I help make you as happy as I am tonight?

Get in touch and I know I will!

Super ‘Thanks’ to Dad for snapping these:



And especially this...


This session was a long overdue event and intended to capture our family at this moment in time.

However, life is full of occasions worth photographing as a memento... head on over to mQn Photography | Twin Cities Lifestyle Photographer to see what her latest Petite Session was all about - it'll put a smile on your face!


Chtefan. Photography is an outdoors family and childhood portrait photographer based in Laurencekirk, Aberdeen - Scotland.

I specialise in beautiful, natural photography of newborns, children and families and professional and environmental portraits, branding and headshots.

Chtefan. Photography covers the following areas: Laurencekirk, Montrose, Inverbervie, Arbroath, Ellon, Westhill, Aberdeen, Banchory, greater Aberdeenshire area and available to travel on both national and international assignments.

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What a great testament to the importance of getting in the frame! And you have a beautiful family!

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Michele Quattrin
Michele Quattrin
20 ene 2019

It's hard to do our own family pictures, you did great!

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So glad you captured these with your family!

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Such beautiful memories with your family! <3

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