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Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt - Week 1 Grid | Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Family Photographer

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Week 1 of 13 of the Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt is done and, I think, it’s safe to say we have firmly found our feet.

The people in the group are such a supportive and friendly bunch, it’s a joy being part of it.

Here’s our first Weekly Grid, containing up to two images from everyone, that contributed in the Facebook group in the first week.

Aren’t they great!

The past few days have been soooooo busy at Life Headquarters, I’ve barely had time to look at my camera, let alone do any half-decent snapping, but I definitely find that the Challenge is always on my mind and keeps me from slacking completely - doing something as part of a group is undoubtedly motivating.

Like I said in a few blogs before and also in the introduction to the Scavenger Hunt, the best camera is the one you have on you, whether the images are being taken with your phone, point-and-shoot, DSLR or a film camera, the main thing is that they are being taken at all. If you procrastinate until you have a better camera or an easier one to handle, it might never happen, so just snap the shot! You can always try re-capturing it better - if you actually find that you still want to.

This was me today - no time to charge my small camera and no room on any of the memory cards in the big one (and no time to ensure everything is transferred, backed up and can be deleted), so the trusty iPhone did the deed.

Fairly 'meh' photo, just capturing a bit of the routine of our mornings

This photo was not an intended ‘submission’ into the Challenge, I snapped it randomly this morning, of my son patiently waiting on his breakfast (watching PJ Masks) and decided to edit into black and white later on - because I found the leading lines of the sofa a promising feature of the image and felt that the mood would suit a conversion.

Took this with iPhone X and edited in Snapseed - my favourite mobile editing app.

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