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Photo Scavenger Hunt - Summer 2018 is ON! | Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Family Photographer

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Thanks so much for joining in the fun, hope you enjoy, learn and make friends along the way.

Please familiarise yourselves with the topics and feel free to have a little plan in mind for what some of your images are going to be of OR just go with the flow and see where inspiration takes you!

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you start being more aware of your surroundings.

Sometimes Photography gets a bad rap - that you are distracted from being IN the moment by worrying too much about a perfect picture. To me, Photography encourages to be more aware and present - I notice every little thing and absorb the smallest details of my environment - I notice the way my son’s hair floats in the wind or how cute his chubby little legs look or how rosy his cheeks and how bright his eyes are.

I notice the beautiful shadows in the bushes behind my cat and how lovely the rosehip bloom contrasts with the foliage...

Joining this challenge is about seeing how much more aware you can become, how much you can learn from yourself and your peers and pushing your relationship with photography a little bit further - whatever your motivation for doing so is.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the Facebook group - shooting or editing techniques, equipment or anything at all learning from others really is the greatest tool.

It really is a safe place and everyone there is after the same end goal!

Remember there is also the option to tag your images on instagram with #cpscavenger2018, though I will not see them, if you have a closed profile. But you might find it easier to track your work, so could be an idea to use the tag anyway.

Also, if you are a little bit unsure of where to start, just start snapping, once you have a few days' worth of images to chose from, have a look through them and see if there is anything you'd like to share that day/week.

And remember - anything goes! If you take an amazing back-lit image with your phone, go ahead and submit that, all media is welcome.

On Mondays I will aim to post a little Motivational Pic from my archives or from weekend adventures - covering one of the topics. On Fridays (or at some point over the weekend) I will do a little ‘grid’ of all the images posted that week - so if you’d like to make The Grid, make sure you post to the Facebook Group in that week.

Please let me know if you'd rather your image was NOT shared outwit the Facebook Group - I'd love to show off all our work on the Blog and the Business page, but I will 100% respect your wishes, if you choose to remain within the Group's environment alone. You can post more than one image a day/week, but if you submit more than one image for one of the subjects, I will ask you to pick your favorite by the end of our Hunt so that only your final submissions (one per each topic) are on Your Final Grid.

Joy, running child, world cup 2018, childhood photography
Joy? Black and White? World Cup 2018?.. I'll decide later! :)

Hope this makes sense and, if not, I’m sure it will along the way :)

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions and let’s have fun!!!

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Scavenger Hunt 2018 | Photography Scavenger Hunt

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