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Mrs. Monday Motivator | Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Family Photographer

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Monday Motivation time! Hopefully the weekend has gotten you all fired up for the Summer of photo-hunting ahead.

The idea of today's feature is to share some fun ideas of encouraging and gently guiding beautiful images to ‘just happen’ 😉 I guess, the Unposing ‘technique’ is about creating a situation, where you encourage fun, which produces a lovely, natural interaction for you to capture.

One of the tricks I often use with children to get them moving, smiling, have fun and give me some eye contact (usually this works 99% time and even with the shiest lot) is getting them to run.

Chasing each other (if more than one), running to ‘that one cool thing in the distance’ and to bring it back, getting my son to run towards me for a cuddle (is my absolute favourite, because of the best reward at the end) or, if clients’ kids, getting them to run to mom and dad – the smiles the parents get are amazing. The bonus is that as soon as kids start having fun and stop being told to stand straight and smile, they forget about the camera and you get the best photos!

Now, focus can be a little tricky here, so depending on the camera you have, it might ‘track’ it as the subject moves for you, or you might need to refocus and snap again. I know iPhone has a feature, where you can hold the button down (it’s called something like Continuous Shooting or Burst Mode) If you don’t have the option to shoot continuously and need to press the shutter after each shot, time it well, it might take practice, but the results almost never fail – and encourage your model to ‘go again’ – if they aren’t doing it on their own initiative already!

Give this a go and let me know how you find it. Maybe your Unguided Posing is coming from your pet (or husband!) - if you have cats (or a husband), then there's definitely no guiding those monkeys, so you're sorted there!


Also, I feel like I’ve banged on about this everywhere I possibly can, but I am just enjoying the ongoing heat wave so much and the great outdoors is just speaking to me, so bear with me please. The Wild Trusts are running the #30DaysWild Project throughout the month of June, whereby people are encouraged to maximise their exposure and experience of the great outdoors. It started last Friday and I have really enjoyed taking part over the weekend (nothing too complicated – exploring a new outdoors location on a walk, watching the bees, watering the garden, harvesting rhubarb (and making rhubarb and ginger cordial – recipe here, by the way)... It isn't easy to keep up while at the office and coming home at 6PM, but the Facebook Group is buzzing with ideas and some of them are very quick, but still fun and meaningful (I've shortlisted going to Fowlsheugh to hopefully spot the puffins, creating hapazome (printing with plants), creating a nature bracelet (use sticky tape on a wrist with the sticky side up and sticking all sorts of 'wild' things to it), watering the garden every night (if this weather persists), shaking a tree and seeing what 'fun' creatures fall onto a white sheet of paper...). I'm documenting our days on my Instagram page, in Stories, as I'd love to have a reminder of how much 'wild' fun we've had this June!

tree hugger, stay wild, child in the garden hugging a tree, 30dayswild
Today we were literal - we hugged trees!

That’s 1/13 weekends of the Scavenger Hunt gone, by the way! Can you believe it?

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