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Ka-Pow! Family Photo Session Preview near Montrose | Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Family Photographer

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Here I go again about the glorious sunshine – this should be my theme for Summer 2018 – we have been so spoiled with the weather!

I’ll be honest, though, as a photographer (you’ll be surprised!) bright, sunny days are not our best friends… not at mid-day anyway.

The ideal time for sessions is an hour or so before sunset (a couple of hours before on a gloomier day) – which, in winter is around 2PM – no problem!

But at the moment – check out the light at 10PM – no wonder bed times are currently out the window.

As a family photographer, scheduling sessions for 7-8PM is just no-go (I usually won’t even suggest this timing, as a mom, worrying about offending 😊), but I do ‘beg’ for an ‘as late time as possible’.


We agreed on 4PM at Rosemount Woods, bear Montrose for our get-together with this awesome family and, as it was approaching mid-afternoon, I requested (begged), we push the session back by an hour – hoping the sun would calm down and give us some more gentle light to work with.


Good news: the guys were amazing and agreed, bad news: the light wasn’t so easygoing. But just check out these images!




I can’t believe my luck working with such wonderful families every time: the love, the glow, the fun! The hour passed by so quick and when I viewed the images at home, I was almost-surprised at how well we coped with the harsh lighting and how beautifully it played along with these guys’ sunny personalities.

I truly believe it is possible to capture nature’s magic in every season – be it winter’s blues, autumnal gold, spring and summer’s glow and explosion of color. Summer 2018 is in full swing now and it’s not too late to book your family photo session to capture the magic of the now.


I am so excited to say that this summer I only have two more weekend dates left available for booking, so if you're thinking of organising a family session to capture your unit of summer 2018, get in touch as soon as possible, I look forward to hearing from you!

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