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Fifty Shades of Fall: Wandering the Dunnottar Woods of Stonehaven | Aberdeen Family Photographer

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

The past couple of mornings we spent strolling through the deep dark Scottish woods and couldn’t help notice autumn starting to take firm charge.


I love autumn.

To be fair, I could probably easily say that about all the other seasons and the times in-between. There’s certain magic in the air, excitement of what’s coming and also of the unknown.

Enjoying these simple adventures, for the first time in months wearing our wellies, scarves and cosier jackets, made me consider particularly why I love autumn.

Being a photographer - you simply couldn’t NOT.

As simple as that.

But there are a few more reasons for me, than the beautiful shades of foliage, PSL, Halloween and the unavoidable anticipation of Christmas! Let me share some of the top here...


Fresh air is at its prime, only rivalled by a frosty winter morning. But what takes the edge over for me in favour of autumn is that it’s still warm enough to enjoy the freshness for hours and hours and the unmistakable shift of the aura it brings after the summer.



Foraging - it’s been a dream of mine to go on a foraging tour and learn about all the various beautiful and delicious mushrooms popping up here, there and everywhere and autumn is THE time to do this... one day!



Apple is my absolute favorite - fruit, snack, treat... an apple crumble is fresh and delicious, spiced apple juice is festive and comforting.

Autumn is the best to taste the finest of apple flavour - don’t believe me? Set a date with a pack of Braeburns, I promise you’ll be hooked.

Yep - I love apples so much, they’ve made the list.


The fun.

Throwing leaves up in the air or kicking with your feet (be careful of rocks 😂), exploring the moss growing on tree trunks and the damp bark and all the little creatures living within - somehow it’s not this enjoyable at any other time of the year.

Undoubtedly, spring is nature’s awakening season, but autumn can be just as rich and abundant with life. It might be something to do with the fact that it feels like a slower season and we take longer to investigate and explore.


The Knits!

Yasssss, all the chunky, mohair, cable knits; in shades of cream, ochre, burnt orange, burgundy and deep greens are starting to look so appealing again. Tights, boots, thick socks and endless scarves, getting to wear it all (and it’s oh so photogenic too!), wrapping up warm - doesn’t it give you all the butterflies just thinking of it?

Coincidentally, knits photograph very well and don’t often come in neon shades, so another reason for photographers to adore grandma’s bestest handiwork.

The views.

Surprisingly, autumn IS the Queen or color!

I couldn’t not mention the most obvious reason and this is not the case just for those of us, who admire the colors through a lens.


I bet not a single person can resist the fifty shades of ochre that starts sprinkling the tips of the trees in early September, slowly creating a thick carpet of leaves under our feet. And I guarantee every person has a list of 'The Why' of their own.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the season on our doorstep (one foot in the door, more like!).

Do you find it the most fun? Most enjoyable? Most photogenic?

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