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10 Best Gifts For The Photography Lover In Your Life | Aberdeen Family Children Photographer

Christmas is 3 (!) days away and this means... you’re about to start shopping, right?

If you’re anything like my husband, you like the pressure of shopping on Christmas Eve and haven’t even thought of what to gift your significant other(s).

I’ve learned to live with it, because, to give him his dues, he works well under pressure and always amazes and delights me...

If one of your giftees is a photography addict, then read on for some suggestions of what you could gift them and I bet they’ll be surprised and delighted (do check they don’t own the stuff first and keep the receipt ;)).


10 Best gifts for photography lover in your life:

This little gizmo is a flexible, lightweight tripod. It comes in different sizes, taking different camera weights and due to its mouldable ‘legs’, can be used in most awkward of locations - wrap it around a tree branch or set on some rocks. It folds into a compact and lightweight assistant and can easily be stored in a bag or backpack!

I own the 1K version and it works brilliantly with my smaller camera, so it’s a great companion for days out.

Camera Strap

Of course you get a strap when you buy a camera.

But I bet yours didn’t have a funky print on it or your initials tastefully monogrammed.

There are a variety of independent camera strap outlets out there (check out Etsy!) - make sure your choice suits recipient’s personality and is reliable.

Photo Album

It is true for most that the ease with which we can now capture any fleeting moment, has made photography somewhat unappreciated.

Your photos likely stay on your phone, at best are transferred to your computer’s hard drive and stay there forever.... few may get printed, but it is unlikely that this is a regular occurrence (and if you do, let me know who you are, so I can high five you!).

So why not encourage your photography lover to print their work and display in an old school photo album! Photo books have become a version of this, but, to me, you can’t quite beat that feeling of sitting a print into an album wallet.


Now, this is big.

So maybe consult the person you are buying for - or not, if what you’re looking at is an upgrade from what they’ve already got and you’ve received hints before ;)

Check out my suggestions of some of the Best Cameras For Beginners for inspiration. (Scroll to the bottom)


This might be as hard as selecting the camera - unless, of course, you’ve received some unavoidable hints. If you’re looking to surprise your loved on and unsure of what to get, I would recommend seriously considering the Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art.

It’s pretty universal - can be used for portraits, great on walks outdoors, gives a buttery background blur, when used for this purpose, wide enough for exploring...

And it is a bit of a favourite in the photography world - I am yet to meet anyone, that’s tried it and wasn’t a fan.


No matter the stage of their journey, anyone can benefit from education. It might be Beginner Lessons on how to use the camera or editing, it might be a mentoring session with their favorite photographer. It might be a day’s workshop with someone who does photography in a completely different style (because it’s always fun to try something different!) or a ticket to a Photography Convention!

Surprise the photographer in your life, ask them or take a direct request, I bet this gift of enlightenment will go down a storm!

Photo Frame

Similar to the photo album above, I am a huge advocate of printing anyway and every time I take delivery or prints (my personal work or client images), I take a moment to admire the way they look and feel (!). So you can tuck some of the prints away into an album and display some of your favourites around the house - in a kick a- frame!

You can, of course gift a frame with a print already in it or let your special someone choose their own.

How bad a- are these guys - Whisky Photo Frames

Digital Photo Frame

Ok, so I’ll compromise with you.

Imagine you had a session with me.

You receive 50 photos and just love them all and have to have them all on display... this is when you are ‘ok’ to not print them out, but have stored and displayed in a digital frame!

I actually find myself mesmerised by the ever-changing images of our family on my TV as I have it set to switch on a ‘screensaver’ from Flickr, so it’s a similar idea and is just magical.

Fingerless Gloves

Yep - that simple!

Check out these cosy beauties from Anthropologie - Sheepskin Fingerless Gloves.

Adobe Subscription

Adobe for most photographers is just as important as owning good equipment - it’s part of the toolkit.

They often change their pricing and format (from rolling monthly subscriptions to one off package fees, so you could review the options and decide which could work best for your gift).

It’s an annoying expense, but one that is a necessity, so your photo-lover will be guaranteed to appreciate the investment (check they don’t already own the software/pay for it monthly so that they don’t end up with two subscriptions).

Hope my list of suggestions has inspired you and one thing for sure - no matter what you chose to gift to your special someone - whether from this list or not, they will appreciate the gesture, you recognising their passion and your support for what they love.

Good on you for being a thoughtful gifter!

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