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Tips on Woodland Portrait Photography in Winter Months | Aberdeen Family and Children Photographer

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Please bear with a brief (never!) anecdote to start off this musing.

There is a useful message at the end (feel free to scroll down directly to the useful message).

So there I was - on a glorious winter’s day - sun is shining and we’re headed for the woods.

The day is bright, but there’s plenty shade from the beautiful evergreen setting. I’ve a toddler in tow and baby sleeping - my subjects primed and ready (well, as ready as they would ever be).

So I decided to take out my FILM camera for the first time since, maybe, July?!?

Film is light-hungry, so gloomy months in Scotland aren’t the best for film photography, but today looked perfect and I was keen (normally these days I’m too impatient for film)!

Guess what happened when I got to the forest car park?

I found out that I’d left a finished film inside, so couldn’t actually use it 🤦🏼‍♀️

I remember finishing the film and thought I’d changed it for another roll, as I know exactly where it was and the kind (Ektar- questionable choice for winter, but today was SUCH a bright day!!!), but nope, I obviously thought leaving the finished film in was a better idea.


Oh well, I tried!

———STOP Scrolling———

I actually wanted to share something today anyways - my outing wasn’t a complete fail, it provided me with a realisation.

I’ve always loved our local woods and while Denlethen is just gorgeous for a walk in summer and autumn, turns out it’s not too shabby right now either!

Most of our favorite woodlands are looking pretty barren right now, with little more than fresh air on offer, but evergreens in Denlethen mean that it still has some color and fullness about it!

It’s also got a lovely cleared path, which means there is light coming through and it’s not too dark for photography.

So if you still want to practice your photography in woods and know of a forest near you that isn’t just full of leafy trees and has evergreens, grab your camera (make sure it’s actually ready for shooting!), your subject and head there!

Be mindful of the light, especially if you go into the woods with little clearing overhead. There’s not much daylight in winter as it is and in the woods it disappears even quicker!

Happy shooting!


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