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Tips on Woodland Portrait Photography in Winter Months | Aberdeen Family and Children Photographer

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Please bear with a brief (never!) anecdote to start off this musing.

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So there I was - on a glorious winter’s day - sun is shining and we’re headed for the woods.

The day is bright, but there’s plenty shade from the beautiful evergreen setting. I’ve a toddler in tow and baby sleeping - my subjects primed and ready (well, as ready as they would ever be).

So I decided to take out my FILM camera for the first time since, maybe, July?!?

Film is light-hungry, so gloomy months in Scotland aren’t the best for film photography, but today looked perfect and I was keen (normally these days I’m too impatient for film)!

Guess what happened when I got to the forest car park?

I found out that I’d left a finished film inside, so couldn’t actually use it 🤦🏼‍♀️

I remember finishing the film and thought I’d changed it for another roll, as I know exactly where it was and the kind (Ektar- questionable choice for winter, but today was SUCH a bright day!!!), but nope, I obviously thought leaving the finished film in was a better idea.