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Valentine’s or Galentine’s - your perfect gifting guide for 2022! Aberdeen Brand Photographer

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

There are two types of gifts: me and for me 🤣

Disagree? Then read on! 👉🏼

Valentine’s or Galentine’s - whichever you are celebrating - is just around the corner!

If you’re still thinking of what to gift your lovey (or yourself 😉), look no further.

The notorious gift shopper (moi 👋🏽) has pulled together a list of most wonderful, small business owned/crafted items that will delight your loved one! 💝

Some of these businesses are Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire-based, but all are within the UK and each and single one is owned by a person, whose list of hobbies doesn’t include flying to outer space for a picnic… 🛰

Alexandra Snowdon - craft card First things first! A few years ago I swore off cards. I only gifted cards that were personalised and therefore mainly to people that wouldn’t mind receiving a greeting card with smiling mugs of our family 👋🏽

In the past year I’ve ‘discovered’ another option: giving cards that can be framed and displayed!

I’ve admired @alexandrasnowdon’s beautiful work for a while and guess who I got my husband’s Vday card from? 😉

I recommend you do the same 🤩

Flowers are beautiful, but plants are forever (well, or until your heating breaks and you don’t move them near the fireplace soon enough, but that’s a tear-jerker for another day!).

Gone are the days when plants were basic and boring - everybody had the same thing (cactus and aloe, anyone else with me?). You can now add some incredible texture and color to your home with a beautiful potted plant and @rootedinscotland have an amazing selection of your new best gifts! 🪴

Second Home - delicious food ‘The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach.’

Any objections?

Book your spot at @secondhomeaberdeen NOW 🏃🏼‍♀️!

Bellewren - hot undies Bom chicka wow wow 🎶

@bellewren is a stock list for some seriously incredible underwear brands 🩲

Whether comfy or saucy rocks your boat, choosing a surprise or letting your loved one pick for themselves with a gift voucher, I recommend you direct all your undies needs to Melanie at Bellewren immediately!

Beautiful skin comes from within - oh so true! 🫂

Ruth at @bioclinicstonehaven has the expertise to assess and advise on the needs of your lovely (or your own!) face!

Booking in for a consultation to establish the best way forward in personalised skincare is truly a gift that’ll keep on giving ✨

Getting my nails is a treat on so many nails for me!

✨ it’s my ‘me time’

✨ it’s my creative outlet has been my nail gal for a couple of years now and getting those talons tamed and a new masterpiece drawn every month is a treat for my soul!

Chtefan. Photography - family keepsakes Oh wait, what’s this 🤣

But that’s right, my friends, I genuinely count a family photo shoot as an important feature on most gift lists and, of course, my top recommendation would be this little Family Photography biz I know (and run 🤣👋🏽).

Joking aside, as someone who’s started investing into my own family photographs for the past couple of years, I genuinely don’t see a better gift for myself than a flurry of photos framed around the house 💝 - portraying those, whom I love dressed in their Sunday best, smiling, playful, loving, frozen in a moment!

Yes, gift vouchers are available for @chtefan_photography_scotland 🎟

Aimi Cairns - bespoke jewellery Jewellery is a timeless gift, isn’t it? 💍

But it is true that not all jewellery is made the same, not all jewellery contains the same sentimental value.

But one thing for sure and guaranteed - when you take an active part in what the piece of jewellery is, it’s bound to have a special meaning and become a family heirloom, carrying a story it was infused with for years to come!

I’ve had two pieces of jewellery made to order by @aimicairnsjewellery and I have fallen in love with the process - of telling a story to a talented crafter, who can then turn that story into something that can be worn - with that special secret meaning - on the daily!

Aimi also stocks a selection of ready-made pieces, which are equally exquisite and beautiful.

Hot Foils - wall art with flair I’ve admired @hotfoils fabulous creations for the longest time now, continuously adding to my Wish List for when our house extension is finished!

Top of the list: Kitchen Disco and Spice Girls-related frames! 🤘🏽

Flett Forge - hand-forged artisan tools Artisan sgian dubhs, hand-crafted cutlery, knives and other hand-forged tools, created by a skilled bladesmith - can you think of a more unique present that will be practical and something to admire?

@flettforge to the rescue 🎁

How does that saying go: ‘blades are forever’? 💎

How is that for a selection of small, independent and mighty businesses from all over the UK?

Did you get any inspiration?

There’s still time!

And if (unlike me) you’re organised already, be sure to save this list for any upcoming birthdays Parent days and Christmas - the beauty of all these amazing businesses is that they can be turned to time and time again and never disappoint!

I have a special treat for you!

From time to time, I like to introduce you to other photographers’ work around the world and today is my absolute pleasure to bring you the wonderful Robyn Scherer -

High School Senior Photographer and her blog is about why guys shouldn’t discount the idea of getting a senior photo shoot! Read on and enjoy!


Passionate about all thinags local, a self-proclaimed small business champion, I work with small business owners to create storytelling imagery of your brands.

With beautiful, professional photography you can make the right first impression, mesmerise and charm your audience.

Ready to become irresistible?

Let’s start here - I’d love to hear from you! 👋🏽


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