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Aberdeen Personal Brand Photographer | Father’s Day 2022 Local Gift Guide

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

🚨 This is your <2 weeks to go alert 🚨

With Father’s Day 2022 just around the corner, I thought it was a great opportunity to pull together some epic ideas for gifts from incredible local businesses in and around Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

Who will you shop with this Father’s Day? 🎁

For the musical dad 🎶

Red Robin Records has a selection of timeless and modern vinyls. The most enchanting way to enjoy music and, if the dad in your life has a record player, Red Robin Records is a must-visit! 🕺🏼

Nestled in a quiet side street just around the corner from St. Nicholas Square and with insta-worthy murals outside the shop, you’d be silly not to visit in person!

For the one-in-a-million dad 🎷

The beauty of Pam’s picks is how vastly different all the items are: from anatomical diagrams to resin bugs to vintage boxing gloves - you wouldn’t be stuck for a gift from PamPicks.

One this is common though, Pam’s curated selection of antiques and curiosos is amazingly unique and fabulous 🦋

For the tired dad 😴

Who wouldn’t LOVE an hour of peace, quiet, rest and relaxation right now?


The Float experience sounds absolutely incredible and a must for anyone with a busy life (and let’s get real: whose life isn’t busy these days? 🏃🏼‍♀️)

For the local dad 🗣

Melabella’s cards and other items sport such quirky and fun words and phrases, they always make me laugh or grin at least. Using Doric dialect for inspiration, she creates cards that feel like home!

I love feeling like I’m ‘in’, because I ‘get’ them, though, sadly my dad would not 😊

For the fiery dad 🐉

It doesn’t get much cooler than fire in a washing machine drum, does it?

Angus Fire Drums look cool, are lovingly hand-made from old washing machines.

The curved sides are perfect for cooking hot dogs and the perforated sides look beautiful in the dark.

Insider tip: have yours engraved with a special message and get one of the flame color changing packets too, real crowd-pleaser! 🔥

For the sweet dad 🍋

Fat Sparrow’s bakes have become a bit of an obsession of mine - the lemon meringue cupcake has made such an impression that I’m getting a cake version of that for my husband’s birthday celebrations 🤫

Truly amazing service and unrivalled, mind-glowingly delicious cupcakes 😋

For the stressed dad 💥

Imagine being able to go into a room and smash shit up... and not being Greek, r an elephant or get in trouble for it.

Enter Wreck It Room!

Yep, seriously, this is coming to Aberdeen and I’ve heard RAVING reviews from friends that have been to one of those in other countries.

I know I could gift a trip to Wreck It Room to a couple of dads in my life ⚾️

For the arty dad 🎨

From chopping boards to coasters to guitars to wall art - there’s nothing that can’t be turned to a piece of artwork by ColourFluxArt, it seems.

Will the dad in your life go for a fruity or seaside vibe? 🥭

For the tea-lover dad 🫖

I mean... it’s such a British thing to drink tea (though I’m more of a coffee girl myself), that this guide simply wouldn’t be complete without a reference to your favorite drink 🍵

And if you’re drinking at least one cup a day, might as well do it in style - how much more style do you need than this hand-crafted collection made in Scotland by Gavin Burnett Ceramics? 👌🏽

For the meaty dad 🍖

A box of delicious, locally grown meats is honestly a gift that will keep on giving!

Challenge the dad in your life to light up the BBQ after this box is delivered and you’ve pretty much sorted everyone’s dinner with delicious, local ingredients.

Drumsleed Meats are located in the fields of the Mearns and are truly one of the best meat-producers around 🥩 (you can buy it from Westerton Farmers and as a bonus pick up some locally grown and sourced veggies and delicatessen


How is that for a selection of locally-owned, small, independent and mighty businesses from Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and surrounding areas?

Did you get any inspiration?

There’s still time! And if (unlike me) you’re organised already, be sure to save this list for any upcoming birthdays and Christmas - the beauty of all these amazing businesses is that they can be turned to time and time again and never disappoint!


Passionate about all thinags local, a self-proclaimed small business champion, I work with small business owners to create storytelling imagery of your brands.

With beautiful, professional photography you can make the right first impression, mesmerise and charm your audience.

Ready to become irresistible?

Let’s start here - I’d love to hear from you! 👋🏽



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