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Aberdeen Personal Brand Photographer | Artisan Headshot Minis Event

Good Golly, I am so excited - Day 1 of my 3 day Artisan Headshot Minis in Aberdeen City is just hours away!

I truly have such an incredible bunch of people lined up to get their headshots on par with their talent and skill.


So far I am looking forward to meeting and welcoming:

  • Brand Stylist

  • Boutique Owner

  • Fashion Designer

  • two Photographers!

  • Online Business Manager

  • Marketing Consultant

  • Social Media Analyst

  • Artisan Handbag Designer

  • Personal Trainer

  • Wellness Specialist

And the incredible settings that will host these beautiful and inspirational people are perfectly suited to each one!

We’ll be kicking off at the iconic rainbow steps up to Aberdeen’s St. Nicholas Rooftop Gardens this Sunday coming, the next Thursday evening (oooo, that magic evening light!), will see us set up on the Wellington Suspension Bridge over Don and finally, Saturday, 5th of June will be hosted in the luscious greenery of Johnston Gardens in Aberdeen’s West End.

Each of these locations provides an amazing variety of backdrops to the Artisan Headshots for the brilliant business owners.

Each client booked for a 25 minute slot will walk away with a Gallery of 15 images, from which they will be able to select 3 shiny new professional portraits, ready to be used all over their social media and websites.

Just imagine having a headshot you’re proud of and no longer battle the cropping tool, trying to carefully remove your BFF or partner...

You are a professional and your headshot should make the perfect first impression.

The Artisan Headshot Minis is the perfect opportunity to set the tone and show the best version of yourself In your professional portrait.

Priced at £60 per slot, it is truly THE most cost-effective way to have your photograph taken by me.

Perhaps you’re simply looking to refresh your headshots or, maybe you’re thinking of getting a full Personal Brand shoot, but not quite ready to invest the time and money?

Again, this event is a brilliant way to dip the toes in (but, warning, you may find yourself diving all in before you know it!).

Which of the three locations in Aberdeen City would be your favorite pick:

Urban St. Nicholas Rooftop Gardens?


Industrial Wellington Suspension Bridge?


...or the Leafy Johnston Gardens in Aberdeen’s West End?


There is still time and still a couple of spots left on Sunday, 30th of May and Saturday, 5th of June, to grab a spot and level up your headshot game.

Wanna dip your toes?


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