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Aberdeen Family Photographer at an in-Home Birthday Photo Session

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

I know I am not supposed to have favorites, but when you book me for ‘the last hurrah in this home’ type of a family photo session - before moving away - this type of a shoot is seriously up there!

There’s something extra special in the air, when we shoot around the home, where you created memories, where your children took their first steps or where you hosted incredible bbq parties – just before you start packing boxes and moving on to pastures new.

I have done a few shoots for families who wanted to capture the essence of their abode and today, I want to share this lovely birthday celebration I photographed last spring.

Zahra recently messaged me to say that the photos from that day now decorate the walls in their new home – on the other side of the world!

Photos have that magic power – encapsulating a moment and preserving it forever and I love creating those time capsules for families just like yours.

I wanted to share a few photos from this in-home family shoot in Aberdeen’s leafy West End, hope you feel the love this family have for one another and maybe even find inspiration and encouragement to have your next family photoshoot in your own home.

Ready to book your own family photo shoot?

I’d love to hear from you!

If you're in process of planning or thinking of your own family photo-session, I'd like to invite you to read this post about the best places to shop for your photo shoot outfits - San Luis Obispo Family Photographer Rosa Clark has got you covered!


Hey, I’m Iana – family photographer based just south of Aberdeen in the rolling hills of (occasionally) sunny Aberdeenshire.

My photography style is soulful, joyful, honest.

My goal is not to make you look perfect, but show genuine emotion and love you and your family share for one another.

The images from your family shoot will make you laugh and cry, then laugh again and will grow even more precious as time goes by.

If you are ready to book your family photoshoot for this year, reach out now and let’s start planning!

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Alison Bohnenkamp
Alison Bohnenkamp
Jun 21, 2022

So many fun shots! I love In-Home Photography sessions and they are especially important if you're moving!!


Rebecca Lueck
Rebecca Lueck
Jun 20, 2022

Great points! In-home sessions are so great because they have so much sentimental value. Beautiful work!

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