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What To Wear For Christmas Specials - Your Festive Family Wardrobe Guide | Aberdeen Photographer

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Do you wonder what to wear for the upcoming Christmas sessions or have you not given it much thought? Will you just throw on everyone’s best or favorite outfits and enjoy the candidness and genuine look and feel of the portraits?

With Black Fridays, Weeks, Days and Sales upon us, this may be the perfect time to consider your choices - not necessarily investing in new clothes!


I think it’s likely that anyone thinking ‘Christmas’, has images of red fleece, blindingly-white beards and round specs flashing up in their minds - that, or Christmas jumpers!

How you style families in photos can have a fair impact on the overall look of the images and it could be worth considering combinations of outfits - making sure patterns and hues compliment each other and not compete.

I would never expect anyone to overhaul their entire wardrobe in preparation for a photo session and you likely own a lot of clothes that will surprise you with how suitable they are!

So don’t worry, the following should not bankrupt you (unless you’re like me and only need a hint at an excuse to shop!).

What I suggest is - start with Mom!

Yes, really!

Mom is usually the one pulling the look of the group together, the one with a vision and often, one to get sorted last, whipping random bits and bobs out of the wardrobe.

But start with an idea of what YOU want to wear and then make the rest of the family dress ‘around’ you.

I always suggest you stay away from cartoon characters, obvious logos, small, repetitive patterns and neon colours. This is artistic and aesthetic suggestion. The way you dress will compliment your photos.

However, if your child LOVES Paw Patrol and you would love to commemorate this stage, have him wear his Paw Patrol onesie. The absolute paramount thing is that your family are comfortable and your personalities shine through.

If you seek inspiration, for the Christmas Specials with me I have put together three suggested looks - Modern, Classic and Festive family combinations and some items may surprise you!

The items on these Boards were available to buy at the time I pulled the looks together and some were even on sale!

I decided to offer a ‘Classic’ look, where girls are wearing pretty dresses and boys - universally handsome and the color palette is somewhat ‘Frozen’ blues.

The ‘Modern’ board features mainly neutral, natural colors, but those are contrasted with leather (!) and ‘plums’.

Finally, ‘Festive’ was my take on ‘Mr. & Mrs. Claus’ - but without the fake beard and golden belt buckles.

See what you think and if you can find some inspiration in my suggestions.

I used ‘Mom/Dad/Boy/Girl’ as my ‘token’ family members, but these can be changes up to suit the format and make up of your gang!

If you have a young child/baby, my go-to for any ‘occasion’ with my babies was often ‘posh onesies’ - sleepsuits, which look like little outfits or beautiful, knitted all-in-ones.

H&M, Mamas & Papas and Gap often have some lovely options.

And don’t forget Christmas jumpers - If you don’t choose to wear them to the entire session, why not bring them along and throw on at the end of the session for a quirky snap!

Truth be told, I could’ve easily come up with another board of two... but it was starting to get dangerous, as I even caught myself wanting to buy some cute girls’ clothes - just in case 🤔

If you have booked on to the Christmas Specials with me, I am genuinely looking forward to seeing how you chose to style your family next weekend!

As I said at the start, I wouldn’t expect anyone to rush out and get a whole new wardrobe for 3+ people just for a photo session , but then again...

Christmas and Black Friday are coming ;)

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