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Autumn Family Shoot in Aberdeen with Aberdeenshire Photographer

As I start getting excited to photograph this wonderful family once again (fourth year and counting!), I realised that I haven’t shared the photos from last year’s beautiful photo session in Aberdeenshire woods.

Actually, looking at these photographs from our shoot reminded me of how many midges there were around that afternoon! I was in awe of how beautiful they looked in the bright golden light, but boy, did I suffer the next day - I can laugh about it now and even found it moderately funny at the time, but one thing for sure - once again this lovely family proved to be a bunch of troopers!

Can’t wait to photograph you all again this weekend!

I often forget that coming up to autumn I have a vault of golden photos to share.

Because family photos make such perfect gifts for Christmas, I am often sworn to secrecy and somehow sharing autumnal colors in January onwards doesn't feel right (though, maybe I’m wrong?).

So in the coming weeks I’ll be sprinkling the blog with beautiful family sessions from last year’s autumn - all the while creating some more stunning mementos behind the scenes!

Would you like to book your own family shoot - in your joke in Aberdeen, or in the glorious outdoors of Aberdeen city, Aberdeenshire or Angus?

Get in touch now to enquire about availability and options - I would love to photograph your family!







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