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Aberdeen Personal Brand Photographer with Jacqueline from Grampian Escapes and Tours Guide

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Let me introduce you to Grampian Escapes and Tours!

Of course, if you’re an avid adventurer around Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Grampian and Angus, you will, no doubt, be familiar with the amazing service she has on offer – guided tours, covering the astounding castles, the scenic routes, hidden gems and beautiful countryside of the area.

Grampian Escapes and Tours offer a variety of guided tours in Aberdeen and North East of Scotland – including a ‘Food Tour’, introducing you to some of the best local taste gems.

The latest offering from the Grampian Escapes and Tours is probably my favorite due to having a young family, which can make planning a guided tour a bit of a challenge!

The self-paced Audio Tour of the Aberdeenshire enables you to walk or drive around with all the information at your fingertips (or rather at your ear).

Doesn’t it sound like an absolutely perfect way of learning more about the beautiful area that is Aberdeen City and its surroundings?

I don’t know about you, but personally, I always tell myself off for not knowing, seeing andlearning enough about the place where I live. Well, this summer and with the help of this app, it sounds like the perfect opportunity to up my knowledge and widen our family horizons!

As well as in-person and audio tours of Aberdeenshire, Jacqueline of Grampian Escapes and Tours hosts the Visit the North East of Scotland Podcast, which invites its audience to explore various offerings of the region.

I had the absolute pleasure of creating a Personal Brand Photography portfolio for Jacqueline.

She chose three locations for her photoshoot – the glorious Crathes Castle near Banchory, where we ventured into the gardens and the main castle grounds, the old fishing village of Stonehaven and Dunnottar Woods - for the ‘food tours’ portion of the photo session.

The brief was to create a suite of images that would represent the brand well across the seasons and the varied services on offer, as well as putting Jacqueline at the heart of it.

Jacqueline’s vast knowledge of the North East’s culture, heritage, history and gastronomy is what draws you in and makes you want to learn more.

Overall, Jacqueline received a vast portfolio of personal brand images she’s able to use across her social media platforms as well as on her website and PR features. See some more previews from the Grampian Escapes & Tours personal branding photo shoot below...

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Similar to my last post, I would love to introduce you to another member of the photographic community and this time it’s Michele - a Newborn photographer in MN and her blog is about preparing for a newborn photoshoot!

Reading through her invaluable advice gave me all the butterflies and I hope you do enjoy!


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Jillian Faulkner
Jillian Faulkner
Jul 21, 2021

So many incredible images!

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