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Marketing - The best way for me to advertise is to show off what I have done before and this is where the images I created

with you come in. It is invaluable to be able to share my past work with potential future clients.

Social Media - I may share the images as daily inspiration, part of an announcement or simply to say hello to the audience on one of my pages on Instagram or Facebook - you can see my profiles on these platforms by clicking on the icons at the bottom of this page.


Website - I may want to share the images on a future Blog post - whether about your session specifically, or as part of another feature.



Competitions - From time to time, I might want to enter my work into competitions - this may be done digitally or with a physical print. Being featured, commended or winning a competition is a great boost to any artist's confidence and the only reason I would enter any artwork containing clients as subjects is because of how proud I am of that creation.


Exhibiting - Similar to entering contests and competitions, exhibiting is something that many artists strive to achieve for their work as the ultimate reward. Allowing me to partake in exhibition with your images means that I can share my art-work with the public in the best format for photography - print and, of course, if I choose to do so, you will get an invite.

Please be assured that I will never knowingly use your images in a way that will compromise the safety or privacy of you, your family or your business.

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