aberdeen scotland food and drink photographer & stylist

Are you a Restauranteur, Produce Maker, Recipe Author, Food Blogger, Beverage Artisan - or anyone, really, who might benefit from delectable imagery?


I'm Iana - passionate about photography and even more so - food.

When the two passions collide, delightful things happen.

Let my expert vision lend itself to your gorgeous food and drink and invite your Customer on a tastebud-bursting visual journey that makes your product simply irresistible.

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, I can provide services on location, at your venue or remotely, in my own space.

Pricing is tailored specifically to your project and it all starts with a no-strings-attached conversation, where I get to find out a little bit more about you and your business and you get to have a feel for how I work.

What can I do for you - you might wonder...

And I wouldn't blame you, because, after all, your taste sensation of a product speaks for itself - right?

I do not doubt this for a second, however, please consider me this - before your customer has the immense pleasure of sampling (and never looking back) your goods, you want to show them just how incredible this journey will be.


Here's where I come in.

Together we will show your future customers all the key facets of what is on offer. We tell a story, take them on a journey and, when they reach the destination, they will not be able to deny themselves the experience of your product.

Whether you are working on a cook book, looking to update your cafe's website, create content for your social media or launch an advertising campaign for your product, having a portfolio of professional-looking images to represent your work will propel your project to success and I would love to be onboard for that!

Shall we talk?

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