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Join The Search Party!

Chtefan. Photography and Mollie & Moo announce a fun and exciting campaign, which will see the two businesses join forces in finding the perfect little Faces of Mollie&Moo!


-Is your child the sweetest, cutest pea in the pod?

-Does he or she have a wild side, love adventuring and exploring?

-Can’t drag them away from the muddiest puddle or sandiest beach?

-Forever finding pebbles in their pockets?


Sign up here for their chance to become one of the Faces of Mollie&Moo’s Summer 2019 campaign!

All you’ve got to do is fill in your details - simple!


As a ‘Thanks’ from us, The Faces of Mollie&Moo will receive the final selection of images from the photo shoot and keep their fabulous session outfit!

Boring, but Important


By submitting your details you confirm that you agree for the images of your child (should he/she be selected) to be used in the Mollie&Moo campaign - shared on Social Media platforms and marketing campaigns by Chtefan. Photography and Mollie&Moo and displayed in boutique.

Each child will model one outfit chosen from a selection provided by event organisers

Children of ages between 6 months and 13 years may apply.

Entries close 09.05.2019

Winners will be revealed by 11.05.2019

Photo Session to take place by mutual agreement of all parties but no later than 02.06.2019

Photo Session is likely to take place near Montrose, please bear this in mind when applying.



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