Keep an eye out for snow!


After a beautiful walk and the resulting images last year, I am excited to host another round of snow day sessions in the woods near Laurencekirk - south of Aberdeen!


I am inviting families to come out to play and get their photo taken by me.

You will receive one digital image as a gift from me to celebrate winter’s magic!


The catch?

It needs to snow!


So keep an eye out for the white stuff and leave your name in the comments here if you’d like to be notified when this takes place!


Anyone know a good snow dance?..

Please know this about me: I love junk food, but loathe junk mail, so this is one thing you will never have from me or anyone else on my behalf (talking about junk mail... junk food I might share with you now and then)

I wanna be amongst the first to hear about your Snow Day! Sign me up!