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Let's plan your Family Shoot location!

Looking for the perfect location to host your family photo shoot?

Somewhere that will be the playground your family deserves, somewhere to make memories and somewhere with a backdrop to die for?

I can help with that!

As part of my service to you, I will provide you with a selection of locations to tick all the boxes.

Sure, you can just leave it up to me to propose the setting, based on the time of the year, your preferences and my experience, but if you'd like to dive on into the planning process that little bit further, welcome!


Your family takes the centre stage and I am confident that we will create stunning images that you will cherish forever - regardless of where we meet.

However, I want you to have fun and make beautiful memories as well as receive beautiful photographs, so consider this when pondering locations for your shoot.

The Beach
The Gardens
The Forest

Let me show you around these beautiful gardens - surrounding a historical estate home and surrounded by dreamy woods. This location is bright, colorful and full of varied areas to explore.

Monkey puzzle tree, beautiful flower beds, maze, stream and plenty space to blow off steam (and tire out little legs for an afternoon nap!).

Fun, full of joy and lightness - both, in color and spirit, we will do a lot of running, chasing and maybe even paddling (weather-permitting!).

You’ll probably end up barefoot, you might find yourselves wearing light, natural shades of clothing and you’ll most definitely have your hair blowing in the wind - in the most beautiful way ever!

Full of magic and wonder. We’ll probably have a look for some fairies and explore the berries and ferns. Colors just now are rich and full of deep greens and shadows. I’ll suggest that you layer up with cardigans as the woods can play tricks on being too hot in a clearing and a bit chilly as soon as you go a bit deeper.

Wellies will not be out of place if there’s been a bit of rain in the lead up to our shoot!

Forest is enchanting, rich and timeless.


I hope this brief description of each of my locations has given you a little insight of what to expect.


Once you confirm your preferred setting, in the lead up to your session, you will receive your Pre-Session Notes, which will include tips on what to wear and also some suggestions for activities and places to have lunch/coffee after your shoot, should you wish to do so.

You having an absolute blast of a day is one of my goals, so let's make that happen!

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